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The Career Key


The Career Key, developed by Lawrence K. Jones, Ph.D., is based on Holland's work. Users sign in and are asked to take a few quick surveys of jobs that might interest them, what they like to do, their abilities, how they see themselves, and what they value. A RIASEC score is generated based on the answers, and users are encouraged to explore the areas with the highest scores and the occupations related to them.

The inventory can be completed in less than ten minutes, and users are encouraged to bookmark the results page so that they can return and explore more options. Cost is $7.95. The occupations that users identify as promising careers are linked to the Occupational Outlook Handbook so that they can learn detailed, accurate information about each. The website includes self–help modules on topics like choosing a college major, making high–quality decisions, and learning more about the world of work. The professional manual is provided online.