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5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Financial Coach

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Financial Planning

You have access through the EAP to 30 days of free financial coaching . Working with a financial coach can help you to set goals, financial and otherwise, and develop a plan for meeting them. Here are 5 reasons to work with a financial coach:

–– You've just had a life–changing event such as getting married, having a baby, getting a divorce, a death in the family, inheriting a large sum of money, etc.

–– You say to yourself, “I'm making plenty of money, but I have nothing to show for it.”

–– You and your spouse don't share joint goals.

–– You're struggling to manage your debt and accumulated bills but haven't changed your spending habits.

–– You're concerned about leaving a legacy for family members.

Questions about Financial Coaching?

Contact Canopy EAP for more information on the Financial Coaching benefit. Call 800.433.2320, text to 503–980–1777 or email: