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Caregiving Support Tips

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Caregiver Support Tips

Caregiving can be a truly rewarding experience, but it can also be demanding and time–consuming. Below are caregiving support tips to help you avoid burnout and to stay sane:

1. Ask others for help. Start with family and friends. Keep less engaged family members informed. Set up a family conference, seek suggestions and talk about disagreements .

2. Learn about your loved one's condition. Research specialists and seek information and guidance.

3. Tap local, state and national resources. Find help with transportation, nutrition or day care.

4. Take time away from caregiving. Listen to some relaxing music. Visit with friends, plan leisure activities. Read a book or a magazine that you enjoy. Do deep breathing and mediation.

5. Speak to a counselor or attend a support group. A counseling professional can help you understand your situation. Groups can help explain your loved one's condition and provide emotional and moral support.

6. Call your EAP. We can help you find caregiving resources and connect you with counseling for support. For more information, Contact Canopy EAP:

Call: 800.433.2320
Text: 503–980–1777