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10 Tips for Improving Your Listening Skills

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Improve Your Listening Skills Being a good listener helps you connect with family, friends, and coworkers, and in turn, people in your life will feel respected, appreciated and more comfortable opening up to you.

Below are 10 tips for improving your listening skills:

1. Take time to talk or schedule time to talk.
2. Speak in a quiet place with minimal distractions, when possible.
3. Make eye contact with the speaker.
4. Give responses to show that you're listening, like nodding or saying “uh–huh.”
5. Ask questions, but don't interrupt.
6. Be patient with the speaker.
7. Don't judge what the speaker is saying. Keep an open mind.
8. Check for word emphasis, sound level of speech, or speed of speech to tell you how the speaker is feeling.
9. Repeat back what you heard. Ask the speaker if you missed anything.
10. Ask the speaker about his or her feelings. Give the best guidance you can.

For more information on how to improve your listening skills, contact your EAP .