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Free Simple Will Kit Questionnaire

Free Simple Will Kit Questionnaire

A will is perhaps the most important legal document a person ever signs. Yet, over 70% of American adults do not have a will.

Why should I create a will?

Dying without a will can create a complicated mess that can take years to sort out. This responsibility usually falls on family members, often during a time of grieving.

Tools available through the EAP can help you with Estate Planning, and creating a will guarantees that your assets pass to the people that you select in the manner that you desire.

To get started:

1. Call Canopy at 800.433.2320 and request your Free Simple Will Kit Questionnaire.
2. Complete the questionnaire and mail it back to Canopy.
3. You will then be connected to an attorney for review and preparation of a free Simple Will. Additional estate planning services are billed at a 25% discount off normal rates.

For additional Legal Tools, including a free ‘Do it Yourself' will:

1. Sign in to the EAP Member Site:
2. On the home page, click on the 'Legal' tile
3. Click the 'EAP Legal Tools' button on the left
4. Click on the 'Legal Forms' tile, then 'Personal Documents'
5. Select your state and the type of will you'd like to create
6. Register as a new user and create your document

Haven't signed in to the Member Site yet?
1. Go to:
2. Register as a new user
3. Enter company name when registering
For more information contact Canopy:

call: 800–433–2320
text: 503–850–7721