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Management Referrals

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A management referral to the EAP can be a powerful tool in helping an employee improve job performance. Although the EAP is most frequently used on a voluntary, self–referred basis, a management referral may, in fact, provide the only real chance of “getting the employee's attention” and helping him/her resolve the problem.

When performance has declined or workplace behavior is
unacceptable and your attempts to intervene with an employee do
not bring about the desired improvement, you may wish to make
a Job Performance Referral, sometimes called a Management
Referral. This is a formal process. It is important that you coordinate this with your Human Resource or Personnel Office and the EAP before you initiate the referral with the employee. This ensures that the process will proceed smoothly and you receive the feedback you need.

Confidentiality standards forbid the EAP to provide information
about an employee who uses the service. If you have formally
referred an employee and notified the EAP, a form will need to be
signed by the employee to release specific information.

The standard release form used by the EAP usually allows release of the following information:

Whether or not the employee kept the initial appointment with
the EAP as agreed

Whether or not the EAP counselor made a recommendation(s)
(not necessarily the nature of the recommendation)

Whether or not the employee followed the recommendation(s)

This release format allows you as the supervisor to receive the
minimal information needed so that your focus can remain on
performance issues.