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Gambling- When Is It A Problem?


The week of March 6–12, 2005 is Problem Gambling Awareness Week

Gambling is a problem when you can't control your impulses to gamble or when it causes problems with work, school or relationships. Sometimes depression, drinking, drugs and even thoughts of suicide can accompany out of control gambling.

Many experts believe that problem gambling is an addiction because of the “rush” you feel when losing and winning money. Your personality type may also play a large part.

The EAP believes treatment can be productive for the problem gambler. The confidential and professional services offered by the EAP is a logical place to begin. Admitting you have a problem is a major step. The EAP can make a referral to a treatment program that meets your needs and individual circumstances.

During treatment, you will learn to understand gambling urges and how to control them. The course of treatment may also include treatment for depression and substance abuse if needed. Your medical doctor may also work with you and the family during treatment.

Another alternative is to join Gamblers Anonymous, a self help group for problem gamblers. GA also provides a support group for families and friends to help deal with the problem gambler.

If you, or someone around you, have a problem with uncontrolled gambling call Canopy EAP to speak with a professional. We are here to help!

Portland Metro Area: 503–639–3009 • Salem Area: 503–588–0777 • Toll Free: 1–800–433–2320