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DEI Initiatives

DEI Initiatives

Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and equitable society for all. We are taking steps to drive meaningful and sustainable change. Toward those goals Canopy has implemented the following Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) Initiatives:

• Acknowledge the impact of racism and other forms of discrimination on health, including emotional and mental wellbeing.

• Maintain a respectful, inclusive, equitable, and safe work environment for our own team, including hiring and retaining diverse employees.

• Provide internal DEI learning, awareness, and celebration opportunities.

• Support community DEI programs, such as participating in the Emerging Leader Internship program for college students of color.

• Focus on mental health resources that are inclusive, offering diversity in network options and cultural competence in provision of care.

• Collaborate on cultural competence, provider diversity, accessibility, and DEI goals with our partners.

• Produce marketing material to convey inclusivity, cultural competence and representative of a diverse audience.

• Provide content, tools, trauma response, webinars, and organizational resources that support equity and inclusion in the workplace.