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Offbeat Ways to Eat Better, Exercise More
Generalized Anxiety
Financial Corner
How to Use Your EAP

Offbeat Ways to Eat Better, Exercise More

Eat fewer calories and get more physical activity. Health experts stress this is the golden rule in managing weight – and it couldn't sound much simpler…

Coping Skills for Generalized Anxiety

You may suffer from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) if you're often anxious about your family, health or work even when there are no signs of trouble…

Financial Corner: Credit Score

Your credit score is the predictor of your future bill paying performance. Fair Isaac created FICO, the most widely used creditscore formula. Lenders have used these scores for years to determine whether to grant you a loan and at what interest rate. FICO scores are now requested by insurance companies, cell–phone providers, utilities, landlords and even prospective employers. Managing your FICO score has become a priority…

How to Use Your EAP

When help is needed call the office location most convenient for you. The office coordinator will ask for your name, employer and a brief description of your presenting concern. If an emergency exists you will be given immediate assistance. If your situation is not an emergency, you will be offered telephone assistance and/or in–person sessions to complete an assessment and make a referral for treatment if needed.