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Volume 14, Issue 1

Parent's Best Goal
Identity Theft
Emotional Maturity
The Resilience Factor
You and Your Money
How to Use Your EAP

Parent's Best Goal: Raise Productive Kids

We like to believe that our children are above average. According to experts, however, only about 10 percent of kids are truly gifted, either academically, creatively, or athletically. Pushing them to make A's in subjects that don't come easy to them, filling their free hours with special lessons, athletic practice, and tutoring can take the fun out of childhood. More importantly, it can set them up for a lifetime of feeling that nothing they do will be good enough…

Identity Theft: Protect Yourself and Your Credit

If you care about the privacy of your financial information, your credit history, and your charge–card numbers, you can protect yourself from criminals. Identity theft is the fastest growing financial crime in the U.S…

The Criteria of Emotional Maturity

William C. Menninger, M.D., of the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS, says these are the components of emotional maturity…

The Resilience Factor Learning to Bounce Back From Disaster

Some people seem to deal with disasters, large and small, and move on. Somehow they handle the pain and disappointment and go on with their lives…

Tax Return$: You and Your Money

So – how did you do on your tax returns? Did you get money back? Now is the time of year to assess your tax liability and change the withholding from your paycheck accordingly.

If you had to pay – reduce the number of exemptions you claim during the year or even have extra withheld…

How to Use Your EAP

When help is needed call the office location most convenient for you. The office coordinator will ask for your name, employer and a brief description of your presenting concern. If an emergency exists you will be given immediate assistance. If your situation is not an emergency, you will be offered telephone assistance and/or in–person sessions to complete an assessment and make a referral for treatment if needed…

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