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Volume 17, Issue 1

The High Five
Hardship Leads to Victory
Waking at Night
Stop Worrying
How to Use Your EAP

Try the High Five for Better Work

Take these five steps and you'll be brighter, stronger, and more effective…

Hardship Leads to Victory, says Mother Who Has Both

Is life meant to be easy? Should we have only joy without sorrow?

Louise Bias would say no, though her portion of trouble and sorrow has been all too great…

If You Wake in the Middle of the Night, Try This

It's a common sleeping problem that reduces the effectiveness of sleep time: waking up during the night and not being able to go back to sleep.

Sleep expert Dr. Martin Moore–Ede says people often panic when they wake up too soon. They check the clock and worry about getting enough rest, but that just makes the problem worse...

Finances: Do I Have to Think About That?

Use this simple worksheet to assess your situation…

Stop Worrying with These Problem–Solving Steps

Sometimes it's difficult to stop thinking about unresolved problems. Even if you don't want to think about them, they keep coming back to you day and night. That's true except for overly optimistic people who think all problems will be solved with little or no effort on their part. At the opposite extreme are pessimists who fear that the worst will happen and they will fail in all attempts to change that…

How to Use Your EAP

When help is needed call the office location most convenient for you. The office coordinator will ask for your name, employer and a brief description of your presenting concern. If an emergency exists you will be given immediate assistance. If your situation is not an emergency, you will be offered telephone assistance and/or in–person sessions to complete an assessment and make a referral for treatment if needed…

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