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October 11th - National Depression Screening Day


Canopy Employee Assistance Program has been selected as a screening site for National Depression Screening Day.

For most people, figuring out the line between “I've been moody lately” or “I get tired easily,” with “I have depression” is difficult. National Depression Screening Day (NDSD) has been helping people make that distinction for the last 15 years. This year NDSD is titled “Stop a Suicide Today”. Canopy EAP is participating by offering free mental health screenings on October 11th from 8am to 5pm PST.

Each year in America almost 30,000 people die by suicide, and 70% of those people tell someone or give warning signs before taking their own life. Make a difference in your community and Stop a Suicide Today by participating in National Depression Screening Day.

National Depression Screening Day…

• Provides mental health screenings and educational materials about common mental health problems

•Educates friends and family members about the signs of suicide and effective ways to respond to a loved one who may be at risk for suicide

Everyone can benefit from learning more about mental wellness, the signs of suicide, and how to respond to a loved one who may be at risk for suicide. Canopy Employee Assistance Program will offer free, confidential mental health phone screenings. Callers will talk with a counselor who will provide an assessment with recommendations for treatment and/or resources.

As part of the screening event, attendees can obtain educational information on a range of mental health issues and have the opportunity to talk with a mental health professional. The program is free and completely confidential.

Remember the EAP as a resource. We help people deal with stress before it becomes depression. In addition to counseling employees, the Employee Assistance Program includes consultation for managers so they can spot warning signs of depression among their employees.