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October is National Depression Awareness Month

October is National Depression Awareness Month

Everyone feels “blue”, “down in the dumps”, “blah”, or “bummed” occasionally. These situations are often accompanied by feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. For most people, these feelings go away quickly. However, if these feelings do not get better or go away then a Depressive Illness may be present and medical and/or psychological treatment is needed.

Common Causes
Depressive illnesses can be caused or influenced by a number of factors including: life stresses, personality styles, biological components, situational and/or seasonal factors, life event transitions, low self–esteem, and/or physical changes in body (chemical imbalance or injury).

Common Symptoms

Significant weight loss or gain
Waking in the middle of the night or early a.m. waking
Concentration problems, forgetfulness
Increase in anger or tearfulnessCannot sit still, pacing, jumpiness
Loss of appetite
Food cravings especially carbohydrates and sweets
Loss of interest in daily activities
Thoughts of death, dying, and suicide

Your EAP can help
Set up an appointment with an EAP professional to talk about causes of depression and coping techniques.

Call for an over the phone depression screening and receive recommendations and/or resources.

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