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August is Get Ready for School Month

Around mid to late summer, as your thoughts slowly turn to getting your child ready to go back to school, you can begin taking some steps to ensure a smooth transition.

Did You Know?

Through your EAP you have free access to Childcare Resources and Family Support for helping you raise safe & healthy children.

Education, parenting, adoption and childcare resources and information is available for infant to college–age children. Information is sent to the caller within 48 hours of intake assessment.

Services Include:

Consulting to assess needs and preferences
Gathering information on appropriate facilities and providers
Verifying state licensure and registration
Contacting facilities for space and availability
Providing up to three options when available

Be Prepared:

Work on academics at home. Make it fun and explain to them why exercising their minds is so important.

Scale back bedtime by 5–10 minutes a night so their bodies can readjust to the school year. Sleep is essential for academic success.

Implement the school routine in August. Use whatever routine your going to use during the school year. Bath, snack, getting ready for the next day etc.

Make sure you get your child physically ready by doctor appointments, dentist, eating healthy, exercising and sleeping well.

Keep lines of communication open.

Buy the right stuff. Not all schools and teachers accept the same things.

How to Access Your EAP:

Call Canopy toll free: 1–800–433–2320