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During the month of July we want you to be aware of our Fraud Resolution & Identity Theft Services

Core ID Theft Benefits

* Free consultation of up to (60) minutes with a highly–trained Fraud Resolution Specialist (FRS)
*Assistance with restoring identity and good credit.
* Free “ID Theft Emergency Response Kit.”
* Assistance with disputing fraudulent debits.
*Outline to avoid future ID theft.
* Contact information for three major Credit–Reporting Agencies.
* Legal referral to an attorney

Canopy's highly trained Fraud Resolution Specialists are both Certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Certified as Interviewers under FCRA or are licensed attorneys.

Safety Measures

– Avoid carrying your checkbook or social security card
– Give out your Social Security number only when it's absolutely necessary.
– Do not give out personal information unless you have initiated the contact.
– Make sure your mail is delivered to a locked box.
– Tear or shed your charge receipts, credit applications, insurance forms, bank statements, and other sensitive information.

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