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Surviving & Resisting Hate: A Toolkit for People of Color

1. Stay physically and psychologically healthy, by eating nutritious foods, sleeping (7–8 hours a night), taking breaks from social media, and staying physically active.
2. Stay connected to individuals, communities, and organizations that affirm your humanity.
3. Listen to your gut and remember that a healthy cultural suspicion (suspicion of white supremacy, people and systems they created) has allowed People of Color to survive during the darkest times of our history.
4. Focus on your goals. Finish your projects, do the best you can at work, school, and home. Being successful in whatever you do is an act of liberation and resistance.
5. Focus on change and organizing with the people closest to you including family, circle of friends, neighborhood, and place of employment. Focusing on the big, macro picture may feel paralyzing.
6. Give yourself permission to experience what injustice naturally evokes in you. All feelings are acceptable including anger, honor it; as anger has led to positive change.
7. Listen and validate the experiences of People of Color with different backgrounds from your own.
8. The burden of oppression and injustice is too heavy to carry on your own. Do what it takes to keep yourself going while remaining committed to racial and social justice.
9. Focus on one breath and one step at a time while knowing and always keeping in mind that our ancestors never gave up; their resistance and fight led to the changes in place today.
10. Remember that the system does not get to determine your worth, dignity, and humanity. Never forget that you matter!

Written by: #ICRaceLab Dr. Hector Y. Adames & Dr. Nayeli Y. Chavez-Dueñas