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Anxiety: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Severe Trauma Response

Anyone exposed to a traumatic event in which they experienced, witnessed, or was confronted with possible death or serious injury and felt intense fear, helplessness, or horror may have PTSD.

• Do you have distressing recollections or dreams of the event?
• Do you experience distress when exposed to things that remind you of the event?
• Do you try to avoid things associated with the traumatic event?
• Have you noticed your general responsiveness to people and feelings become ”numb”?

Do you have the following symptoms?

• Sleep disturbance
• Outbursts of anger
• Difficulty concentrating
• Hyper–vigilance
• Exaggerated startle response

Do these symptoms cause you significant distress and interfere with your normal functioning? There are many helpful interventions that can eliminate or significantly reduce these symptoms of anxiety. Please call Canopy Center's EAP for an appointment: 1–800–433–2320.