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Canopy Wellbeing Launches Innovative Virtual Care Navigator

Portland, OR, For Immediate Release: February 1, 2023

One of the nation’s largest and most progressive employee wellbeing healthcare providers, Canopy, has launched the Virtual Care Navigator (VCN). The VCN digitally guides members to the appropriate level of care based on their needs. Members answer a few questions to receive ‘My Plan’ personalized recommendations and fast connections to:

· Counseling and coaching
· Financial, legal, and family resources
· Digital tools and training

Canopy's Virtual Care Navigator seamlessly connects members with:

· A custom care plan that matches each member's needs
· Immediate support through multiple access points
· An easy-to-use feature available to all employees and family members

Anthony Brown, CEO of Canopy, said “Our new Virtual Care Navigator helps streamline access for members and connects them to resources that meet them where they are in life. Then they can quickly schedule counseling sessions or request resources. The VCN is a great option for those members who do not want to initiate services with a phone call.”

Dr. Julie Marshall Ph. D., Canopy’s COO, added “Members don’t always know where to start, or which services would make the most sense clinically for them. The Care Navigator quickly assesses their level of acuity and guides them to coaching, counseling, or self- guided resources.”

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About Canopy
Canopy, headquartered in Portland, OR provides innovative, human-centered wellbeing services and organizational support to more than one million global members, through discerning employers and health plans. Canopy believes that serving people with heart and ingenuity is key to increasing employee quality of life and organizational success. Services include accessible and user-friendly Coaching, Counseling (face-to-face and virtual), Resources for Life, Behavioral Health Risk Assessments, Digital Mental Health Hub & Solutions, Leadership Support, Organizational Development, Crisis Response, Education, and Executive Coaching.

Anthony Brown