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Canopy Awarded as #4 Healthiest Employers in Oregon, size 2 - 99

Portland Business Journal Healthiest Employers Canopy' wellness program encourages healthy behaviors, promotes social engagement, and inspires employees to give back to the local community. The wellness program targets four main components of health, which include mental health (stress management, assessments with customized recommendations, massages), physical health (biometric screenings, standing desks), social health (staff night out, e.g. Paint Nite, nature hikes), and community health (clothing drives, volunteer events).

Employees are encouraged to participate in all activities and are provided paid work hours to engage in wellness program events. Canopy's wellness committee polls staff annually, and chooses activities for all skill and ability levels to eliminate any additional barriers of access.

The Wellness Committee is comprised of members who are experts in their field, knowledgeable of employer and employee needs, and have educational backgrounds and certifications in mental health and health coaching. They meet on a bi–monthly basis to evaluate participation, including what has gone well and to recognize where future improvements can be made.

Canopy' robust employee wellness offering reflects their dedication to improve health, reduce stigma related to mental health, and promote holistic approaches to wellness.

One unique component of Canopy' wellness program is that we use the wellness services we provide for our industry clients. We want to understand the ins and outs of our wellness platform and services, along with knowing how to motivate and encourage others to use them and do so as well. Our goal is to “practice what we preach” – to get and be well together!