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Canopy, Inc. to Use hubbub Wellness Platform as Key Tool in EAP Program

Thousands of employees gain access to health and wellness resources available in the hubbub platform

Portland, OR – hubbub health, an online and mobile wellness platform, and Canopy, Inc., a company committed to supporting families with drug abuse and other health–related challenges, are working together to use technology and innovation to help thousands of Canopy's client workforce develop healthy habits in and outside of the workplace, leading to improved productivity. This new collaboration will enable Canopy to leverage hubbub's expert wellness content and platform to give employees of Canopy's clients access to challenges and an online social community to embark on the path towards achieving a healthy lifestyle.

“Hubbub's nationwide customer base has benefited from making health care less of a chore, and more a part of an employee's everyday lifestyle,” said hubbub Chief Executive Officer Beth Andersen. “Wellness doesn't start at 9 or end at 5 and we're looking forward to growing our partnership with Canopy to make wellness fun for their client base through challenges and the support of an online community.”

The hubbub platform uses technology and innovation to change behaviors and workplace environments to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees. Hubbub offers employees a variety of programs and challenges that help them achieve their health goals and develop healthy habits.
Thanks to this new endeavor, Canopy will offer their wellness solution to employees in multiple industries, including those working non–sedentary jobs, such as manufacturing or field–based work. Employers working with Canopy also have the option of purchasing more health and wellness features from hubbub to further assist employees in achieving their wellness goals.

“Canopy was looking for a partner that was a leader in the wellness industry and could continue to grow and evolve our clients' wellness programs,” says Canopy Center's Vice President Anthony Brown, “hubbub's innovative mobile and online platform provides our clients with the tools they need to achieve their wellness goals.”

Hubbub is a corporate wellness technology company that offers an integrated platform of evidenced–based wellbeing solutions that drive meaningful healthy outcomes. Their software delivers engaging content that cultivates healthy habits at work and at home with focus on one's physical, mental, emotional, and financial wellbeing. Hubbub's technology, content and programs meet people where they're at, positively influencing their daily habits and lifestyle. Hubbub believes that improved wellbeing translates to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Canopy, Inc. is a private firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Since 1975, Canopy has set out to decrease employee related expenses and improve quality of life. They provide comprehensive and leading edge services to organizations and individuals nationwide, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Work/Life Balance Services, Wellness Programs, Onsite Health Screenings, Organizational Development, Student Assistance Programs, Military Helpline, and Executive Coaching.

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