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Canopy Partners with Psyinnovations to Provide Digital Mental Health Solutions

PsyInnovations, the developer of the mental and behavioral health platform, wayForward, has announced a multi–year partnership with Canopy, Inc., a Portland, Oregon based EAP that aims to improve employee wellbeing and health. Canopy will use PsyInnovations' wayForward platform as a core part of their Employee Assistance Program's (EAP) offering to employers. This partnership will allow Canopy to be a “Digital EAP”, supporting employee wellness with digital assessments, evidence–based therapeutic tools, and a coaching platform that are made available instantly via apps and web.

“At PsyInnovations, our mission is to make behavioral healthcare accessible to everyone, globally. We believe in working in partnership with behavioral health and emotional wellness organizations such as EAPs, to provide proven, scalable, cost–effective digital solutions for reducing the incidence and severity emotional problems such as stress, anxiety and depression,” said PsyInnovations CEO, Ritvik Singh.

“Our Whole Life Scale is an effective tool to screen for several mental and behavioral health conditions and now we have PsyInnovations' digital solution. This allows employees to get high quality services such as interactive content and expert coaches on their fingertips. This is an important addition, as an increasing portion of the workforce wants digital tools in their everyday life,” said Anthony Brown, VP Marketing and Sales at Canopy. “Also, the data analytics helps us serve our client organizations better.”

The platform will cover all aspects of mental health and wellness from assessment to self–use programs based on CBT and mindfulness to coaches and experts. PsyInnovations will incorporate the WholeLife Scale, Canopy Center's proprietary assessment that screens individuals for 9 domains such as stress, anxiety, anger, sleep and more. Data analytics are also included to help optimize the program's effectiveness and provide customized offerings.

PsyInnovations, based in New York, is comprised of a team of leading researchers, clinicians and behavioral health experts associated with Columbia University, University of Michigan, Yeshiva University, UC San Diego, and a nationwide team of licensed behavioral health providers who also serve as health coaches. It comprises of a global setup, serving more than half a million individuals in over a dozen countries.

The goal of the partnership is to improve employee health and emotional wellness, while aiming to decrease absenteeism, increase productivity and employee engagement.

About PsyInnovations

New York, NY– based PsyInnovations is a digital behavioral health company with the mission of delivering evidence based programs and expert care using technology. Their flagship platform, wayForward ( ) delivers programs based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness and Positive Psychology, developed by its team of expert researchers and clinicians.

About Canopy, Inc.

Canopy, Inc. is a private firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Since 1975, Canopy has set out to decrease employee related expenses and improve quality of life. They provide comprehensive and leading edge services to organizations and individuals nationwide, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Work/Life Balance Services, Wellness Programs, Onsite Health Screenings, Organizational Development, Student Assistance Programs, Military Helpline, and Executive Coaching.