Canopy Tools & Technology

Flexible Points of Access

Canopy Tools & Technology

Flexible Points of Access

Comprehensive resources to improve the wellbeing of your organization.

   • Customizable Mental Health Hub
   • Personalized Care Plans
   • Digital Self-use Therapy Tools
   • Coaching
   • Online Provider Search
   • Self-scheduling with Providers
   • Innovative Mobile App
   • AI Wellbeing Support
   • Digital Mental Health Screening

All of Canopy’s points of access to the EAP are confidential and HIPAA compliant.

EAP Member Site

Fully customizable EAP member site available in English and Spanish.More Info

Telehealth Phone Counseling

An anonymous telephone counseling line.More Info

Well-being Text Support

Canopy Assist and Serve Intelligence: Information for Employers

CASI (Canopy Assist and Serve Intelligence) uses technology to provide immediate emotional support to help your employees feel better. CASI can also guide members to EAP services that best meet their needs.More Info

WholeLife Directions

Addresses mental health concerns and creates awareness.More Info