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Dede Montgomery

Dede Montgomery, MS, CIH, supports the Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Science's at OHSU's Outreach and Education Programs and provides industrial hygiene technical expertise to its research. She is also the Outreach and Education Director for the NIOSH–funded Oregon Healthy Workforce Center where she actively connects with stakeholders through: state–wide, regional and national conferences, instructs on occupational health, safety, and Total Worker Health, development of continuing education opportunities, as well as supports and provides industrial hygiene technical expertise to the Toxicology and Occupational Health Information Center. Dede is also a published author. Learn more:–montgomery

Documents & Publications

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COVID-19: Oregon Workplace Protections and Resources

Many workers have lost all or part of their income due to those measures taken to avoid further spreading of COVID–19. We understand that, in addition to worries and fears about infection and illness, some are feeling even greater fears about financial instability and increased debt. These six steps can help you manage through this tumultuous time.

Loneliness at Work

Vivek Murthy shares that over 40% of adults in America report feeling lonely and that the research suggests this may be a low estimate. Additionally, fewer people today report having a close confidante than in the past, and many employees report feeling lonely at work, including half of CEOs.

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Creating a Bravespace Workplace

What does it take to make a workplace more human and how do we create a bravespace workplace in which everyone can thrive? Moe Carrick found that there are five levers: the who, the what, the where and when, the why, and the how. More Info