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EAP Member Site

Self-Guided Access to Services

EAP Member Site

Self-Guided Access to Services

Canopy’s EAP Member Site is a resource to help employees and families manage the stress we all experience with innovative, online educational tools. With information about work, life, and health in an easy to navigate website, everyone is sure to find information to help make life easier.

Visit the EAP Member Site to:

• Learn about EAP benefits
• Chat for support
• Take self-assessments
• Download legal forms
• Access financial planning and budgeting resources
• View videos and on-demand webinars on a variety of topics
• Improve personal growth through web-based training courses

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Note: To access Canopy Personal Advantage, your employer needs to have this enhanced service as a benefit for employees. For more information please call Canopy EAP at 800–433–2320.

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