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Employee Assistance Program History

EAP - Employee Assistance Program

The concept of an EAP started in the early 1940's when companies wanted to retain a good but troubled employee. Companies recognized the difficulty and costs associated with the discipline, firing, replacement and training period. Organizations attempted to arrange help for that employee.

Originally alcohol problems were the focus but over the years organizations have come to recognize that many concerns can affect productivity not just alcohol.

Over the years, more services have been added but the core focus continues to be that of keeping a good employee.

Canopy, Inc. is a private, Oregon owned, based, and operated for–profit corporation. Our company is an external EAP provider offering contracted services to public employees and private companies throughout the United States.

Canopy was founded in 1975 and offered counseling services, organizational consultation and training to local companies. In 1978, Canopy expanded services to include offering Employee Assistance Programs to employers. Today our primary focus is providing EAP services for companies and organizations locally, regionally and nation–ally. We make referrals and subcontract with numerous professionals who are able to provide the highest quality services available in a timely manner.

We value:

• Efficient use of time and resources
• Respect for individual differences in style, temperament, experience and knowledge
• Empowerment of the individual to solve his/her own problems
• The search for solutions to problems rather than the placing of blame or acceptance of victim–hood
• Timeliness
• A worldview which emphasizes health and wellness versus pathology and illness

Our corporate office is located at:

7180 SW Fir Loop, Suite 1–A
Portland, OR 97223
503–639–3009 or 800–433–2320