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Emily Purry

Emily Purry is a Life Strategist and Educator in Portland, Oregon who helps individuals experiencing disabilities achieve their personal and professional goals. Before joining the INCIGHT team, Emily was a disability rights advocate and trainer. Legally blind herself, and in chronic pain from a recent, debilitating injury, she understands the daily challenges faced by a person with a disability. Her own life experience as a person with disabilities and as a mother of a child with a disability informs how she helps her clients overcome daily challenges and work towards long–term goals. Emily has a bachelor's degree in psychology, a Master's in Business Management & Organizational Leadership, a license in massage therapy, and is certified as a personal trainer. She also is a certified drug and alcohol counselor. Emily offers effective life coaching and public speaking services to individuals and families nationwide. She is also available as a trainer on topics related to disability and equity.

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Introducing Equity into The Workplace

The opportunities afforded by an equitable workplace motivate employees to achieve, setting the stage for a dynamic, motivated company culture. It's no wonder why companies are chomping at the bit to roll out their equity programs, and employees are hungry for a culture shift.

Changing Your Company’s Culture for a More Inclusive Tomorrow

It's not unusual for companies to invest in expensive diversity training events and seminars. It's also not unusual for these efforts to yield little results and sometimes negative backlash.

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