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5 Ways to Give your Team an Energy Boost

5 Ways to Give your Team an Energy Boost As we power through our day–to–day work, we can sometimes lose steam in the monotony or intensity of tasks. Even when teams are succeeding, it's nice to reward people with a little something extra. As leaders, it's important to remember to recognize our teams, not only for their productivity, but also to keep them engaged and keep morale up. What follows are five ways to give your team the energy boost they need today. Show Appreciation A recent study ...More Info

I Thought I Built a Great Culture, What Happened

I Thought I Built a Great Culture As an executive coach and HR professional I work with leaders every day who experience wins and losses, sometimes minutes apart. They face failures big and small, and the most confident have learned to reframe those failures as learning – fail fast, fail well – and move on. Stats vary, but current research shows that over 60% of new managers don't receive any training to prepare them for their new roles. Those same untrained managers become ...More Info

When Should You Invest in Management and Leadership Training

When Should You Invest in Management and Leadership Training Like a beloved schoolteacher, the memory of a great boss can stay with you for a lifetime. The way they motivated you, brought out the best of your talent and helped you reach your greatest potential. Alternately, you'll never forget the leader who prevented you from reaching your professional goals. Whether they lacked coaching skills to motivate you or neglected to offer constructive criticism to improve your performance, their behavior had a lasting impact ...More Info

Changing Your Company’s Culture for a More Inclusive Tomorrow

Diversity and Inclusion—two words you hear daily in the workplace. It's not unusual for companies to invest in expensive diversity training events and seminars. It's also not unusual for these efforts to yield little results and sometimes negative backlash. As a result, employees become increasingly frustrated with their corporate culture and, in some cases, end up leaving. A few things need to happen before appropriately launching a diversity program. As tempting ...More Info

What New Managers Can - and Should - Learn Fast

What New Managers Can and Should Learn Fast Your first management job is a big deal, and a clear sign you're accomplishing something positive in your career. It's also the first time your job performance will be primarily dictated by the performance of others. As you probably know, not every promotion works out and first–time managers may struggle before getting it right. While you may be a natural, there are some common pitfalls many new managers face that you can learn from so you're well prepared as you ...More Info

Managerial Courage

Managerial Courage Most employee attitude and leadership skill surveys have items about how employees feel about the amount, timeliness and quality of feedback they're getting and how they feel about the interest of their managers in their development, training, and careers. These items are usually rated low. In our work with scores of companies participating in 360˚ leadership feedback we find that encouraging and accepting constructive criticism, giving consistently fair performance ...More Info

Having a Difficult Conversation: How to Mediate Conflict Between Employees

It's not a fun part of being the boss. But you know that if you don't deal with it, it will only get worse. It may be something as common as creative differences, or something as severe as abuse allegations, but whatever the matter, conflict among colleagues should always be addressed before it spirals out of control. But how do you tackle it? Here are some tried–and–true tips for success:
Don't Take Sides
It may be true ...
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Five Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Onboarding New Hires

New Hire It's exciting to grow a team. Adding employees can improve every aspect of your organization, from efficiency to morale. When you find the right person for the job, it's a win–win you'll celebrate for the life of their career with you. Unfortunately, starting a new job can feel more like an initiation than a celebration for many new hires. It's not intentional, but the beginning can be clunky if not handled well by those in charge. Here are 5 mistakes commonly ...More Info

Five Ways to Improve Workplace Communication

Your most important business asset—your staff—is often your most complicated one, too. Whenever you put a large group of people together, there are bound to be differences, arguments, small slights that turn into big grudges. How can we keep these inevitable interpersonal issues from derailing our work? According to Laura MacLeod, a licensed social worker and the creator of the From the Inside Out Project, it all comes back to communication. MacLeod combines ...More Info

The Business of Happy Employees: How to Create a Company Culture That’s More Human, Less Resources

Happy Employees Hiring great employees is only half of the secret to success. The other half? Keeping them happy.
Proof of Productivity
Want to get the best performance out of your staff? Marketwatch reports that happier employees are 10% more productive than their disillusioned counterparts, confirming that employee wellness is vital to your company's bottom line. However, the article stresses that measurable analytics ...
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