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Wellness in the Workplace

Workplace Well-being Wellness in the workplace has been evolving for many years. Companies are actively seeking, planning, and promoting their wellness activities to attract new, and keep existing talent. Workplace wellness plans influence employees to implement their own personal wellness goals for healthier work–life balance.While interest in workplace wellness has recently peaked, the practice was documented as far back as 1879. Occupational health and safety blazed the trail, ...More Info

Goal Setting: Do Less, Impact More

Goal Setting-Do Less, Impact More<br> As we begin the New Year, our team has been talking a lot about company goals. We've found value in taking pause to reassess not only our goals, tasks, and initiatives, but to closely examine the exact value that each one adds to the company. We have no doubt that any task, event, or choice we make could add some type of value, but we have collaboratively decided to measure our choices differently this year than we have in years past. ...More Info

5 Podcasts About Women at Work to Change How You Show Up

Professional women and their male advocates are constantly looking for ways to increase gender equality and speak out against sexism at work. There's finally a lot being said on this topic, making it nearly impossible to keep up with the abundance of resources including books, articles, tweets, meet–ups, accelerator programs, and more.When you're impatient to learn and short on time, podcasts are an excellent and sometimes forgotten option. Whether you are listening ...More Info

Three Myths about High Achievers in the Workplace

Staff At Coffee Bar There are plenty of books out there for high achievers—usually prescribing morning routines, how many books you should be reading and other habits connected to success. But Maki Moussavi, author of “ The High Achiever’s Guide: Transform Your Success Mindset and Begin the Quest to Fulfillment, ” has a different take. So I chatted with her about her new book and how emotional intelligence can translate to true success. Maki Moussavi was like a lot of high achievers out there. But no matter what she did, nothing felt ...More Info

The One Attribute Leaders Need to Thrive

What Leaders Need to Thrive Recently I participated in a survey last year about the future of leadership. There was only one question:
“What is the number one attribute that successful leaders will need to thrive in the next decade?”
I thought hard about this and many things came to mind – integrity, perseverance, grit. Each time I started to answer, I had a sneaking suspicion I was on the wrong track. After many false starts, I deleted the survey ...
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Pitching a Better Leadership Model with Mark Greenburg

Pitching better leadership In the early days of Major League Baseball, it was all about the team. A player started and ended his career with the same franchise, and fans gathered around the radio to listen to their favorite play-by-play announcer call the highlights of the game. The excitement was more about the team than the individual players. That all changed in the 1970s when statistics and analytics greatly influenced how Major League players were viewed and valued. For the first time, ...More Info

How to Really Listen to Employees

How to Really Listen to Employees Can you tell when someone's listening intently? I can. They're actively engaged, making eye contact, and fully taking in my comments, not thinking about the next thing they're going to say. I know I'm being seen and heard, and the listener respects what I have to say. Employees want to experience the same thing – to be seen, heard, and recognized for their input. Recent  HBR research  demonstrates that experiencing high–quality listening can ...More Info

How to Boost Energy and Confidence at Work

Boost Energy and Confidence at Work A successful company depends on successful employees, and successful employees depend on successful engagement.  When an employee isn't engaged, they're minimizing their company's potential by not maximizing their own. When engagement is down, employers falsely jump to external solutions; social gatherings, swag bags, and office arcades are superficial bandages and not long–term solutions. This is where award–winning career coach, author, motivational speaker, ...More Info

Tried Everything and Still Over Scheduling? Try these Proven Time Management Tips

Tried Everything and Still Over Scheduling I've been known as a perpetual over–scheduler for much of my professional life. I'm not sharing this to gain your sympathy, or to impress you. I agree emphatically with  Brene Brown  who says we need to give up exhaustion as a status symbol. But even for the most mindful, doing less is easier said than done. Technology has made us available 24×7 and although every device still comes with an off button, many people find it hard to sign off at the ...More Info

Managing Means Continuous Learning

Management Means Continuous Learning Many first–time managers are thrown into their new roles with little or no preparation. If you're one of them, hopefully you thrive on developing others and leading a team. With minimal (to no) training and the desire to get good fast, you're probably looking for tips to help you improve your managerial skills. Even if you're a seasoned manager, there's always plenty to learn. Here are four of my all–time favorite books and articles, with practical advice for ...More Info