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Meet the Canopy Team

Meet the Canopy Team

Canopy, Inc. is a family owned company founded in 1975 in Portland, Oregon to provide counseling services, organizational consultation, and training to the public and private sector, locally and nationally.

Canopy’s mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives.

Management Team

Gale Castillo, MA


Jerry Brown, LMFT


Anthony Castillo Brown, CEAP

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Marshall, Ph. D.

Chief Operating Officer

Customer Success & Marketing

Anna Meiners, MA

Vice President, Customer Success

Chris Rowell

Senior Sales Executive

Humberto Chacon

Customer Success & Business Development

Shawna Pouladin, MA

Manager, Customer Success & Operations

Michelle Martin, CIHC

Customer Success Manager & Wellness Specialist

Julie Ruskay

Customer Success Manager

Shannon Morrison

Customer Success Manager, Team Lead

Kelsey Nordlund

Customer Success Manager

Jeff Allen

Customer Success Associate

Richard Jones

Art Director

Erika Ensign, BFA

Communications Manager & Production Designer

Stephanie Ung

Sales & Marketing Support

Service Team

Dave Christy, LMFT

Vice President, Clinical Operations

Caitlin Plato, MA, CADC I

Senior Training & Organizational Specialist

Desiree Davis, MA, CGACII

Associate Director of Clinical Services

Katie Zaugg, MS, LPC, CADC


Shannon Gilligan, MA, CADC I


Jackie Moore, MSW, CSWA


Rosa Keam, MA


Celestial Sciolla, MA


John Dohrn


Michael Dressman


Maggie Graeber-Simon


Whitney Nees


Michelle Arias, QMHA

Mental Health Specialist, Team Lead

Amina Ali, QMHA

Mental Health EAP Specialist

Dana Ludwick, BS, QMHA

Mental Health Specialist

Aurora Bailey, QMHA

Mental Health Specialist

Ryan Engles, QMHA-R

Mental Health Specialist

Mason Steinhauer, BS, QMHA

Mental Health Specialist

Kelsey Auer

Mental Health Specialist

Hrisanti Bustindui, QMHA-I

Training Coordinator

Nicholas Kessler

Training and Organizational Specialist

Stefani Moore

Provider Relations & Administrative Supervisor

Jill Cox

Provider Relations, Team Lead

Sue Tannenbaum

Provider Relations

Kristi Workman

Senior Contract and Payment Specialist

Heather Groven

Administrative Coordinator

Chanté Alvin

Resource Retrieval Specialist

Jan Seiler

Office Coordinator

Corey Linver

Resource Retrieval Specialist

Nicholas Painter

Administrative Coordinator

Fedora Copley

Administrative Coordinator

Beth Rice

Administrative Coordinator

Ali Don

Administrative Coordinator