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Meris Gebhardt

Meris Gebhardt is the founder of Opulent Mindfulness. She draws on a wealth of wise teachings from nearly 20 years of yoga, meditation and integration of ayurvedic principles + essential oils. Starting with power vinyasa, Meris found home in this high intensity, ultra–focused athletic style of yoga. This level of intensity met her where she was emotionally and physically, requiring this deep connection to bring inner peace and calm. Today Meris enjoys holding space for her students and clients to meet themselves where they are to begin healing and growth – moving from survive to thrive. Shining brightly in mind and spirit is what drives Meris every day. Welcome, you are home.

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The Trip from Self to Less

As a meditation professional and passionate advocate of the practice, I am forever asking myself and students: Who Am I, Who Am I, Who Am I? This central question to most meditation lineages is one that is meant to evoke curiosity til the end of life and time.

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