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Recognize the Patterns of Alcoholism

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Alcoholism Few alcoholics will admit they have a problem. It's a characteristic to believe you're OK –– everything and everybody else are wrong.

Those willing to face facts usually find plenty of clues that their drinking is out of control.

You may suffer from alcoholism if:

–– You have experienced problems on the job, with the law or with your family because of your drinking.

–– You avoid parties or places where liquor isn't served.

–– You look forward to a set time in the day when you can start –– drinking.

–– You worry alcohol won't be available when you want it.

–– You periodically try to slow down or stop drinking.

–– You get up the day after drinking and not remember what happened the night before.

–– You always have a “good reason” why you need a drink –– perhaps a tough day at work, an argument or stress.

–– You begin to distrust and avoid some people.

–– Friends, family members and/or others have talked to you about your drinking.

–– You hide your use from other people.

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