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Provider Panel Diversity

Creating a Safe, Inclusive and Equitable Society For All

Provider Panel Diversity

Creating a Safe, Inclusive and Equitable Society For All

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What is your strategy to promote diverse recruitment of providers for EAP behavioral health?

1. Diversity in our provider network is an important to effectively serve our clients. In order to sustain this, we take the following approaches:

  1. Regular audit of our panel to update variables of diversity, assess available options and recruit to our panel as necessary.
  2. Work in partnership with Employee Resources groups and DEI employer partners as well as community partners to identify and recruit specific providers based on their recommendations.
  3. Policy for our Provider Relations team to prioritize diversity in recruitment efforts.
  4. Use of Telehealth to expand accessibility to underserved geographic areas.

How are all providers trained to have cultural competence in caring for members of different races, ethnicities, cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds and gender identities?

2. Our panel is comprised of mental health counselors who are trained in a wide variety of clinical issues, which includes offering trauma informed and culturally competent care. Training at minimum includes:

  1. State regulated licensing boards require licensees to participate in cultural competency continuing education to maintain their ability to practice.
  2. Canopy offers regular continuing education to our network providers and will offer a training to build culture competence and proficiency. The training will include: understanding the community, learning about social factors that influence health, and confronting implicit bias in their practice.

What should a member do to access a provider of color or some other category of provider to more successfully meet the member’s needs, if such a provider is available?

3. At initial point of contact, when requesting counseling services, our EAP intake counselors work with members to identify variables important to them to inform selection of a counselor in our network. We are able to sort counselors by the following variables, which allow members to select a counselor who they feel most comfortable working with:

  1. Clinical specialty; including expertise working with LGBTQ population, serving people with learning disabilities, experience with geriatrics, military veterans, etc.
  2. Geographic location, including neighborhoods with diversity in SES
  3. Accessibility of office location for those with mobility issues
  4. Language spoken
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Gender
If no one is available, will a non-network provider be considered upon request?

4. If no such provider is available to the member, we will make every effort to recruit a non-network provider to join the EAP panel at the member’s request. We also can do recruiting at the request of an employer/organization, if particular counselors are identified as desired network providers.