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The LifeBalance Program Team Up for Employee Well-being and Happiness

PORTLAND, OREGON, March 2019 — The LifeBalance Program and Canopy have partnered up to provide health, happiness, and savings to Canopy clients and their employees. Beginning March 1, 2019, the approximate 90,000 employees serviced by Canopy will have access to the LifeBalance Program's exclusive network of recreational, cultural, well–being, and travel savings.

“LifeBalance is just a great benefit to provide for our members,” said Canopy's CEO, Anthony Brown. “Our goal is to improve quality of life for employees, and with all of the discounts on well–being and healthy recreation available through LifeBalance, it's just a natural fit. This partnership also helps us decrease the stigma associated with using the EAP, increases overall engagement, and provides an additional recruitment and retention tool for our customers.”

LifeBalance Co–Founder Dave Miller agreed. “Our goals and Canopy's are so well–aligned. We want to connect all of our members to the experiences that help them reduce stress, stay active, and enjoy life. We're thrilled to support Canopy and its clients in their efforts to foster healthy, happy employees.”

The partnership, finalized in late December 2018, capped off a year of unprecedented growth for the LifeBalance Program. Over the last 12 months, LifeBalance has expanded to provide its services to Health Alliance Medical Plans in Illinois, FirstCare Health Plans in Texas, and Community Health Options in Maine. “We feel so fortunate to have had an amazing year of partnering with organizations that share our vision and values,” said Miller.

The LifeBalance platform includes thousands of savings options at local, regional, and nationally–recognizable businesses, all of which will be available to Canopy's clients and employees come March. Miller believes the comprehensive nature of the LifeBalance discount network, along with its local focus, has fueled the company's growth and will provide outstanding value to Canopy and its clients.

“We know the employees that Canopy services will be thrilled to see savings with national partners like LA Fitness and Regal,” Miller said.  “But we also think they'll be delighted by the savings we offer at hundreds of small, locally owned businesses in their areas. From trying a class at their local yoga studio to getting a treatment at the spa around the corner to taking the kids to the children's museum, these employees can live well while supporting the businesses in their communities. Meanwhile, Canopy and its clients can rest well knowing they've invested in a program that's customized, relevant, and meaningful for their populations.”

About Canopy
Canopy EAP is a private firm headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Since 1975, Canopy has set out to decrease employee related expenses and improve quality of life. They provide comprehensive and leading edge services to organizations and individuals nationwide, such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), Work/Life Balance Services, Wellness Programs, Onsite Health Screenings, Organizational Development, Student Assistance Programs, and Executive Coaching.

About LifeBalance
Founded in 1996 in Portland, Oregon, The LifeBalance Program's vision is to inspire everyone to lead a balanced life. The company has dedicated itself to connecting its members to the things we all love most — fun family time, the great outdoors, health, fitness, travel, sports, the arts, and above all, a good deal. Because LifeBalance believes that happiness and fulfillment are found when we stick to one guiding principle: Never get so busy making a living that you never make a life.

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