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Your Experiences Matter

Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and equitable care for all. We provide members a diverse care team, with access to culturally responsive services.

EAP Services Available

You can contact Canopy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for services and resources that support a diverse range of needs for housing, caregiver support, family building, and financial coaching and legal consultation to support traditionally underrepresented populations.

For counseling, we will assist you in selecting a mental health professional based on your unique needs such as language, ethnicity, LGBTQIA+, racial trauma, religion, office accessibility, veterans, and more. We continually develop our panel to ensure that we are recruiting, retaining, and advancing a diverse, culturally competent provider panel.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select my counselor?
Yes. If you have a specific counselor on our provider panel you wish to see, request that person. If they are not on our panel, we can prioritize efforts to recruit them.

How do I know if the counselor will be a good fit?
Providers expect and welcome questions, this helps them better understand you and what is important to you. Here are some questions you could ask to determine if you're comfortable working with the selected provider:
• What is your experience working with other POC?
• Have you received training in cultural competence?
• How do you see our cultural backgrounds influencing our communication and my treatment?
• How do you plan to integrate my beliefs and practices in my treatment?
• What if I want to change counselors?

Call, text, or log in to the EAP Member Site to get connected to an intake counselor who will assist you in choosing the most appropriate resource.

Counselors are available 24/7/365