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Michelle Martin

Michelle is a Certified International Health Coach (CIHC) and Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She supports Canopy’s health and wellness initiatives through a holistic approach based on bio–individuality. Michelle writes and speaks about health-related issues including sleep hygiene, nutrition, mindfulness, and forgiveness. She has presented for a wide variety of industries and audiences, and encourages attendees to be boldly curious about their wellness journey. Michelle volunteers her time as a National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) instructor, providing evidence-based education and coaching for families of loved ones with a mental health condition.

Along with supporting wellbeing initiatives, she is part of the Customer Success Management team and assists with providing proactive service and solutions for Canopy Members and partners.

Documents & Publications

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Mind Body Health

Enhancing Communication for Healthy Relationships

There are many ingredients to healthy relationships, but it isn’t always easy to maintain balance within those relationships. Consider focusing on a few specific areas which support social connection and healthy relationships.

Taking Action to Avoid Burnout

A Year in Review: Workplace Mental Health & Wellbeing

Your Mindset, Your Life

Wellness in the Workplace

Raising Self-esteem for Better Health and Fulfillment

Taming our Cynicism

Food for Whole Body Health

Digital Detachment

Mindfulness for Your Health

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

5 Healthy Morning Habits in 15 Minutes or Less

Self-care Through Sound Healing

Optimizing Health at Any Age

The Beauty Within a Blue Zone Lifestyle

Sleep Hygiene - Lifestyle Practices to Encourage Healthy Sleep Patterns for Overall Well-Being

Free Yourself from Sugar Dependence


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