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Debbie Rosemont

Debbie Rosemont is a Certified Professional Organizer, Productivity Consultant and Trainer, Owner of Simply Placed and author of the book Six–Word Lessons to Be More Productive. Simply Placed teaches organized systems and productive habits that allow busy professionals to maximize their time, focus on their priorities, reduce stress, improve their customer service and increase their bottom line. Though their virtual program, It's About Time, hands–on organizing, individual consultations and group training, Simply Placed helps professionals work smarter, not harder to get results. A business owner, consultant and trainer, active volunteer, wife and mother of two, Debbie knows the value of organization and good time management and loves to help others achieve their potential in business and in life. Contact Debbie at 206–579–5743 or .

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Strategies to Fight Procrastination

Are you a self–proclaimed procrastinator looking to reverse the cycle of waiting until the last minute to get things done? It's good that you're reading this article then. There's nothing worse than knowing you are struggling but not knowing how to resolve it.

What Are You Waiting For? Procrastination: Why We Do It and How to Overcome the Tendency

We can define procrastination as the undesirable time gap between intention and action.

Six Simple Strategies to Have an Organized and Productive Day

How to Turn “Busy” into “Productive” - Part 1 of 2

How to Turn “Busy” into “Productive” - Part 2 of 2


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