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Mikaela Kiner

Mikaela Kiner, CEO & Founder of Reverb, is a native Seattleite who's spent the last fifteen years in HR leadership roles at iconic Northwest companies including Microsoft, Amazon, PopCap Games and Redfin. She has an MS in HR Management with a certificate in Organizational Development and is an ICF credentialed coach. Mikaela delivers results by building trust and engaging her clients in creative problem solving. Clients appreciate her strategic thinking and hands on execution. You can find Mikaela on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

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Three Signs You’ve Created a Culture of Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is more than being comfortable with and liking your teammates. It's the belief that your work environment is safe for personal risk taking.

What Every HR Department Needs to Know About Internal Communication

Internal communication is the sharing of information between different parts of an organization. When there isn't a strategy for internal communication, important information falls through the cracks.

You’ve Heard about SMART Goals, but what about CLEAR Feedback?

Goal Setting: Do Less, Impact More

5 Podcasts About Women at Work to Change How You Show Up

The One Attribute Leaders Need to Thrive

How to Really Listen to Employees

Tried Everything and Still Over Scheduling? Try these Proven Time Management Tips

Managing Means Continuous Learning

Manage Up Like a Pro

5 Ways to Give your Team an Energy Boost

I Thought I Built a Great Culture, What Happened

When Should You Invest in Management and Leadership Training

How to Manage the Unmanageable Workload

What New Managers Can - and Should - Learn Fast

Managerial Courage

Having a Difficult Conversation: How to Mediate Conflict Between Employees

Five Common Mistakes Leaders Make When Onboarding New Hires

The Business of Happy Employees: How to Create a Company Culture That’s More Human, Less Resources


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