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The Next Generation of Employee Assistance

Canopy creates happier and healthier workplaces through modern Mental Health.

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Employee Assistance Programs

We help you create a positive and productive workplace
  • Access to a diverse provider network
  • Skilled and compassionate care
  • High-level customer success management
  • Innovative services
  • Customized promotional plan and materials
  • 24/7/365 organizational support

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Employers, HR, and Leaders

Our resources and trainings for groups and leaders create a thriving workplace.

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Featured Services

  • Organizational Support

    EAP Organization Resources

    Canopy provides comprehensive support through a variety of resources to assist partner organizations with moving forward on a course of success. Our services are designed to improve the production and wellbeing of employees, support managers with employee related concerns, and assist with organizational change and transition.More Info
  • Critical Incident Stress Response

    On-site response when traumatic or severely stressful events occur.More Info
  • Provider Panel Diversity

    Creating a Safe, Inclusive and Equitable Society For All

    Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and equitable society for all. Learn more about diversity at Canopy.More Info
  • DEI Initiatives

    Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and equitable society for all. We are taking steps to drive meaningful and sustainable change. More Info
  • Coping with Violence and Racism

    Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and equitable society for all. We encourage you to practice self-care by seeking support from your friends, family and other community members, as well as utilizing your EAP services. More Info

Featured Clients

  • Consumer Cellular

  • Portland Trail Blazers

  • Mod Pizza

  • Columbia

  • Pendleton

  • Bob’s Red Mill

  • McAfee

Canopy Tools & Technology

Our holistic services offer modern options to improve wellbeing.

  • Customizable mental health hub
  • Digital self-use therapy tools
  • Coaching
  • Online provider search
  • Self-scheduling with providers
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • AI wellbeing support
  • Digital mental health screening

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The Canopy Difference

Canopy partners with you to provide employees with emotional and innovative care to improve quality of life and organizational success.

We’re here to help you create a high-performing workplace where employees feel supported and engaged.

  • Elevated organizational support
  • Innovative solutions
  • Modern member experience

We’ve Built a Better Network

Diversity in our provider network is important to effectively serve our clients.

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About Us

Since 1975, we’ve been committed to improving quality of life and supporting organizational success. Ongoing collaboration, finding new ways to solve problems, and serving people with heart is at the center of how we operate.

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