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Standing Together During Difficult Times

Several recent situations in the news are weighing on the hearts and minds of many. Our minds are flooded with questions, our bodies filled with fluctuating emotions, and our spirit consumed with an eroding sense of security. Many of us are concerned about the well-being of our children, significant others, family and friends.

Although the degree to which we are impacted may vary, one thing we can all do is empathize and provide a listening ear to one another. Being patient with one another as we attempt to gather our emotions and thoughts can stabilize people through troubling times.

As individuals process the news and initially react their experiences may include:

Physical Symptoms
• Headache
• Muscle Tension
• Upset Stomach
• Chest Tightening
• Fatigue

Emotional Symptoms
• Sadness
• Anxiety or Worry
• Irritability or Anger
• Shock/Numbness
• Restlessness

Behavioral Symptoms
• Decreased Focus
• Muscle Tension
• Increased Errors
• Withdraw • Outbursts

Tips for aiding ourselves:

• Access support from those who share common values and concerns. This will enable the healing process to begin, and will provide a solid foundation as we attempt to gather ourselves.

• Monitor exposure to all media outlets. The ease of access to the details and specifics involved in recent incidents can intensify our emotions and make it challenging to function.

• Accept that tragedy is painful, and finding solutions to the problem and answers to our questions will be difficult.

Tips for aiding others:

• Every individual has their own unique experiences that create their reaction. Listening and supporting the needs of others while refraining from sharing your personal opinions is of the utmost importance.

• Many are struggling with “normal” routines given COVID-19. These tragedies become yet another thing for all, including children, to process and manage with regard to their emotions. Remembering to keep your emotions under control can help children as they navigate these tragic events.

The recent events may change the way we view our society and how we live in it. Life will not be the same after these incidents, but we can still try to make a positive impact with our fellow neighbor. Continue to offer a helping hand,
a kind word and a giving spirit so we can all heal from these unfortunate tragedies.

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