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Why You Need an Eldercare Advisor

Assisted Living Locators
Why You Need an Eldercare Advisor It's hard watching your loved one age. Suddenly it becomes clear that mom or dad can no longer live on their own, as their safety and well–being are at risk. As seniors are less able to stay home because of safety or security concerns, many families are caught in a position where they don't know which direction to turn.

Senior care and senior living are a rapidly changing landscape of options, and the choices available to the average person looking for a new home can seem overwhelming. It's time to get informed. While navigating the senior care maze can be emotional and frustrating, there are resources available to you. This turning point is especially challenging since very often, the need is unexpected and immediate. An eldercare advisor can help bridge that gap by educating and informing you of the options that relate to your specific situation.

Assisted Living Locators, your EAP eldercare resource, has informed eldercare advisors across the nation who can help provide needed information to keep your loved one at home — with a little additional help — or make a seamless transition into a comfortable and stimulating senior living environment. An eldercare advisor can be an invaluable voice in sorting out the issues and bringing perspective.

To access Assisted Living Locators services, please call Canopy at 800–433–2320.
Assisted Living Locators Assisted Living Locators are your local care advisors who help you learn about senior are options in your community. Their agents are experts in senior care options. Once you connect with the care advisor in your community they'll create a customized plan based on your needs. They will help you simplify your search, understand your options, compare costs and services and will provide unbiased, personal and expert guidance. Assisted Living Locators offers free support to Canopy EAP members.

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