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Spotlight ON EAP

Spotlight ON EAP

Campus Protest

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Israel-Hamas Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to be an area of tremendous concern. Many of us are navigating fear, anxiety and uncertainty. If you feel that you are struggling at any time with what you are hearing, seeing, or reading, help is available.More Info

Mental Health Awareness

Contact Canopy to help you with boosting your mental health.More Info

Avoiding Burnout

Learn about tools to help prevent burnout and regain your balance again.More Info


Canopy has tools to help you build and maintain healthy relationships.More Info

California Floods

Canopy is available with information and resources to support members through this challenging time.More Info

Resource Retrieval Service

Canopy can help you save time and reduce stress.More Info

Fertility Health and Family Building

Support for growing families and their journey.More Info

Coping with Violence and Racism

Canopy is committed to creating a safe, inclusive and equitable society for all. We encourage you to practice self-care by seeking support from your friends, family and other community members, as well as utilizing your EAP services. More Info

Making a Change

Canopy can support you in reaching goals, learning something new, or making a change.More Info

Holiday Stress

Canopy is available to support you and your family members during the holiday season.More Info

Coping With Hurricane Ian

Hurricanes are dangerous and can cause major damage from storm surge, wind damage, rip currents, and flooding. Recovering from a disaster is usually a gradual process. Safety is a primary issue, as are mental and physical wellbeing.More Info

Protests in Iran

Women have been on the forefront in Iran, protesting following the death of Mahsa Amini. Additional protests and reactions have followed in the recent weeks. As things continue to escalate, the response of these protests may be troublesome to learn about. More Info

Exercise Goals for Healthy Living

Do you feel it's important to stay active but still find yourself falling back on old habits? Read on for tips on how to develop goals and create an exercise plan that works for you. More Info

Resources for Caregivers

Many of us find ourselves in the role of a caregiver at some point in our lives. Canopy EAP provides support tools and resources that can help.More Info

Substance Misuse

Contact Canopy for support on managing alcohol or substance misuse and addiction.More Info

Canopy Tech FAQs

Tech support FAQs regarding email communications, Canopy's Member Site, Canopy's mobile app, and more.More Info

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Connect with Canopy to learn how you can help prevent suicide. More Info


Canopy can assist with finding resources and offer emotional support for victims of wildfires. More Info

Estate Planning and Legal Support

Legal consultations, downloadable legal forms, and more.More Info