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Legal and ID Theft

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Experienced legal professionals are available nationwide to present various classes covering legal topics and planning principles. All classes have state-specific content. Additional fees apply for these topics. Seminars are provided by: CLC

Avoiding Holiday Shopping Fraud

Huge sales, must-have gifts, and rushing for last minute items. When shopping between stores, we’re often so focused on the activities of the holiday season that we can easily be distracted from financial and identity exposure.More Info

Avoiding Tax Filing Fraud

W-2 documents, DOB and a Social Security number -- tax filing can expose a substantial amount of personal information.More Info

Battling Unemployment Fraud

As a ramification of COVID-19, both employers and employees have struggled with falsified unemployment benefits, such as notifications of awarded benefits, payment details, or ATM cards.More Info

Caring For the Elderly and Disabled

With a loved one who has any mental or physical condition limiting movement, senses, cognition or activities, we’re often so focused on what we can do to help, that we need a reminder of what services are already legally available.More Info

Data Breach Education

A company data breach can take a toll on both the infrastructure and employee body. In this class, we discuss company data breach life cycles and the cost to its victims.More Info

Estate Planning 101

Estate planning is the process of preparing for end-of-life concerns and taking control of your legacy. More Info

ID Theft Protection 101

Every two seconds someone becomes a victim of identity theft. Knowing how to protect our identities and who to contact when victimized can seem difficult and time-consuming, but we’re here to show the easy-to-follow stepsMore Info

Planning For Future Medical Decisions

By human nature, we tend to delay end-of-life decisions until it’s too late. More Info