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WholeLife Directions

WholeLife Directions Explainer

A complete mental health screening and instant connection to personalized treatment.

How It Works

WholeLife Directions recommends EAP services or self-guided treatment based on the users’ risk level.

1. Take the quiz
2. Select your goal
3. Start your sessions

Why It Matters To Your Organization

1. Make quality mental and behavioral health easily accessible

2. Increase EAP utilization

3. Manage direct cost (healthcare) & indirect costs (absenteeism)

4. Improve overall quality of life for employees

Start Your Journey With WholeLife Directions

A valid measurement providing immediate feedback and recommendations for nine health domains.

• Depression
• Anxiety
• Work Engagement
• Relationship
• Substance Abuse
• Stress
• Anger
• Sleep

Organizational Reporting

Learn which mental health concerns are affecting your organization the most.

Canopy will help you create a customized mental and total wellness program.

Get Started with WholeLife Directions

Learn how you can utilize this tool to improve the health of your organization.
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