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Industry Expertise

Canopy provides specialized services tailored to specific industries with unique needs.

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Employee Assistance Programs

We help you create a positive and productive workplace.

   • Global, Extensive, and Diverse Provider Network
   • Instant match with a provider
   • Skilled & Compassionate Care
   • Flexible Points of Access
   • Best in Class Member Experience
   • High-Level Account Management
   • Innovative Services
   • Customized Promotional Plan and Materials
   • 24/7/365 Organizational Support

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Canopy Tools & Technology

Flexible Points of Access

Comprehensive resources to improve the wellbeing of your organization.

   • Customizable Mental Health Hub
   • Personalized Care Plans
   • Digital Self-use Therapy Tools
   • Coaching
   • Online Provider Search
   • Self-scheduling with Providers
   • Innovative Mobile App
   • AI Wellbeing Support
   • Digital Mental Health Screening
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Resources for Life

   •      Unlimited Financial Coaching 
   •      Childcare and Eldercare Referrals
   •      Legal and ID Theft Consultations
   •      Concierge and Information Retrieval
   •      Housing Support
   •      Pet Parent Support
   •      Fertility Health Support 
   •      Self-care Tools
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Workplace Wellbeing Services

Improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

• Discount Wellness Network
• Life Coaching
• Resilience and Mindfulness
• Artificial Intelligence Mental Health Support
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Organizational Support

   • 24/7/365 Support
   • Critical Incident Response
   • Training and Support
   • Mental Health Support & Response Training
   • Improved Employee Performance
   • Customized Organizational Development Training
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What People Are Saying

Canopy’s mission is to support organizational success and improve quality of lives...

But don't just take our word for it!
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  • HR Administrator

    “Canopy EAP is a first class organization and is doing a great job for our employees. I've enjoyed our partnership.”
  • HR Administrator

    “Thanks again for your great service to our employees!”
  • HR Director of large national organization

    “When working at (major national phone carrier) we used (large big box EAP). I can say that based on their use of technology and breadth of services offered, Canopy is the best EAP I have worked with.”
  • HR Administrator

    “I have nothing but positive comments about Canopy – I think we have a great partnership!”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “Canopy EAP is wonderful. They gave me excellent tools for work and personal. Thank you!”
  • Benefits Broker

    “No one provides the level of service that Canopy does!”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “Thanks for at least 15 years of service through the EAP. Canopy is outstanding and has helped both my wife and me.”
  • HR Administrator

    “Canopy is a flexible and responsive EAP and I think all employers should offer them to their employees.”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “Excellent program! Canopy was wonderful, supportive, and extremely helpful.”
  • HR Administrator

    “We use Canopy and I have been nothing but delighted with their services. Probably the best decision I've made in many years here at (Client Company).”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “The EAP saved my life.”
  • Canopy EAP Affiliate Provider

    “Your organization and your representatives are highly professional and provide excellent customer service both to me, the provider, and the clients. I have received feedback from many of my clients about how helpful they have found their EAP counseling referral program. The ease and speediness of the referral process has made this process comfortable for them.”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “The phone intake staff was really knowledgeable and helpful too, and the counselor was great!”
  • Canopy EAP Affiliate Provider

    “I just have to tell you that your system is the best I have used! I work with a lot of companies, and this one makes the most sense!”
  • HR Administrator

    “A Teller who was the victim of a robbery at one of our branches missed the original critical incident stress debriefing for employees, but a Canopy counselor was able to call her at home and they talked for an hour and a half! She said she felt much better, and the time was definitely well spent. Canopy had been a LOT better to work with than our last EAP thus far.”
  • HR Manager

    “I want you to know that we received a free EAP service through our LTD Plan.  Even with that free service we have decided, without even much thought, to continue with Canopy because of the quality of service for our employees.  Thank you for your support to our business.”
  • Benefits Broker

    “We have received a lot of positive feedback from groups that have switched to Canopy EAP and they were very pleased with their change. Keep up the good work!”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “Thank you so much for your help, I only wish I had done this months ago! You gave me good advice and a dose of courage!”
  • Benefits Broker

    “Of all the EAPs I have worked with, Canopy is the only one that actively promotes the use of services.”
  • Canopy EAP Member

    “My Canopy counselor is a diamond in the ruff who genuinely cares for the well being of her clients. She left an ever lasting impression on me and my family.”
  • HR Administrator

    “Canopy provided our organization with a fantastic workshop. It was exactly what we all needed......some insight into ourselves and insight into those we work closely with. Several employees have commented that they are putting their new tools to use. You made it totally non–threatening, entertaining, made people (including myself) look both inwards and outwards and I have nothing but good things to say.”

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