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Tip Sheets and Resources

21 Things You Can Do While You’re Living Through a Traumatic Experience

Tips to help you cope with a traumatic experience, crisis or disaster

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Addressing Healthcare Professionals Needs

Canopy providers support and resources to help with the challenges of the pandemic both in the workplace and at home.More Info

Career Development Services

Services for employees and their families

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CASI Well-being Text Support

Immediate support to members 24/7/365

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Caution Fatigue During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Caution fatigue is what happens when the energy that keeps you alert to danger starts to run down and your sensitivity to risk starts to lessen.More Info

Celebrating Holidays During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Holiday celebrations present new risks this year because of the COVID–19 pandemic. Read about how you can safely celebrate the holidays while maintaining some of your normal traditions. More Info

Coping with Quarantine, Tip #1


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Coping with Quarantine, Tip #2


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Coping with Quarantine, Tip #3


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Coping with Quarantine, Tip #4


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Coping with Reintegration


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Coping with Vaccine Anxiety

To manage stress or anxiety about vaccinations it can be helpful to identify what we know and what we can do.More Info

COVID-19: How to Prepare Your Family

Guidelines consistent with the Department of Homeland Security and CDC

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Dealing with Caregiver Stress in a COVID-19 World

There have always been both joys and pressures in caring for family members. In a world with COVID-19, some of the pressures can be magnified, particularly by social isolation, limits on available support, separation from family or loved ones.More Info

Dependent Care Support Services and Resources

Information and resources for dependent care services.More Info

EAP Member Site COVID-19 Resource Center

Access to COVID-19 resources for our members

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EAP Support: In Response to COVID-19

Free and confidential access to your EAP

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Financial Resources for Health Emergencies

Provided by our My Secure Advantage (MSA)

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Healthcare Support, Let Us Care for You

Canopy is here to provide you with free, confidential support to help cope with the heavy emotions that come with caring for others during such challenging times.More Info

How to Talk to Children About COVID-19

Suggestions on how to support and talk to your children

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Identity Theft Prevention During the Coronavirus Season


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Managing Anxiety While Wearing a Mask

It's not uncommon to experience anxiety, claustrophobia, and fear. wearing a mask or covering our face. Learn about some coping techniques that can help with these difficult feelings. More Info

Managing Return to Work Anxiety

If you are feeling anxious about a return-to-work date, here are some things to consider to help you navigate this tumultuous time.More Info

Managing your Anxiety About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Prepare now by taking the following steps to manage your anxiety

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Post Pandemic Work-Life Balance Checklist

When returning to the workplace, post–pandemic, there are work–related and personal commitments which may have been put on pause and are in need of attention. Learn about ways to plan for a post–pandemic lifestyle. More Info

Refocusing at Work after COVID-19

Your workday may not look the same as it did before COVID–19. Here are some ideas for help you to return to the workplace. More Info

Reintegration Stress Fall 2021


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Returning to School Guide

Download Canopy EAP's Returning to School Guide to help with planning an uncertain school year. More Info

Self-Care Tips for Healthcare Professionals During COVID-19

Learn about how Canopy can help you to manage stress and take care of yourself during this challenging time.More Info

Suicide and Mental Health Awareness

The key to lowering the suicide rate is prevention, which includes education, stigma reduction, and improving support resources for those who are at risk. More Info