It's 2022 and Cascade Centers is now Canopy!   
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Canopy Provider Page

Canopy Provider Page

Canopy's panel is a nationwide network of pre–screened, highly professional clinicians who provide the highest quality clinical services to employees and their dependents.

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Canopy’s providers go through a comprehensive selection process before invited to join our panel and we monitor provider performance. The excellence of our service is assured by selecting the most experienced counselors for our panel and by ongoing quality assurance procedures. Our diverse network includes a wide range of clinical specialties and insurance panel participation. We strive to create a panel of providers that is representative of the employees we serve. We work to recruit providers who are diverse in age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, and ethnicity.

Want to Join the Canopy Panel?

Canopy is currently accepting applications for our Employee Assistance Program panel. We value our relationship with our providers and engage in a true partnership with our providers to serve our clients. Our application process is simple. We ensure payment is timely, provide an easy to use billing portal, require no paperwork, and provide case consultation from staff clinicians.

For additional information please contact our Provider Relations team at 800-433-2320 or fill out our application at this link: Canopy EAP Provider Application

Canopy Provider Portal

This is a self–service, online, easy–to–use tool that allows providers to submit claims for payment, view authorizations, access and print forms and more. More Info

Provider Help and FAQ

Canopy Provider Panel

Answers to common provider questions. More Info

Provider Guide to Management Referrals

Canopy Provider Panel

Most referrals are self–initiated, but occasionally the employer initiates a referral to assess a specific issue impacting job performance. We call this a “Management” referral. More Info

Clinical Guidelines

Canopy Provider Panel

Practice guidelines are intended to assist clinicians in clinical decision–making and to improve client care. They also document evidence available to determine appropriate care. More Info