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You’ve Heard about SMART Goals, but what about CLEAR Feedback?

SMART Goals-CLEAR Feedback If you've been a part of a team, you have likely heard about SMART goals. We've all heard the importance behind creating goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time–based, and perhaps even practiced setting some of your own within these parameters. SMART goals can be helpful, but they aren't the be–all end–all of goal setting. By giving the explicit advice to “make all goals achievable,” this could imply that our goals need to be supported ...More Info

How to Inspire Success and Meaning at Work

Hands in a circle As we begin the New Year, our team has been talking a lot about company goals. We’ve found value in taking pause to reassess not only our goals, tasks, and initiatives, but to closely examine the exact value that each one adds to the company. We have no more. “The truth is that organizations are run by people, and people run on emotions. Our feelings supply the energy to fuel our pursuit of profit and purpose. They are formidable and universal. They ...More Info

Wellness in the Workplace

Workplace Well-being Wellness in the workplace has been evolving for many years. Companies are actively seeking, planning, and promoting their wellness activities to attract new, and keep existing talent. Workplace wellness plans influence employees to implement their own personal wellness goals for healthier work–life balance.While interest in workplace wellness has recently peaked, the practice was documented as far back as 1879. Occupational health and safety blazed the trail, ...More Info

Tips on Building Resilience

Tips to Be Resilient Resilience is a term that you may have heard thrown around, but you may not know what exactly it is. Let’s take a look and find out, then learn some ways that you can be resilient.
What is Resilience?
Resilience in this context refers to psychological resilience. Whenever there is a crisis, someone who is resilient can bounce back from it rather quickly, and not deal with any long-term effects. You’ve ...
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Goal Setting: Do Less, Impact More

Goal Setting-Do Less, Impact More<br> As we begin the New Year, our team has been talking a lot about company goals. We've found value in taking pause to reassess not only our goals, tasks, and initiatives, but to closely examine the exact value that each one adds to the company. We have no doubt that any task, event, or choice we make could add some type of value, but we have collaboratively decided to measure our choices differently this year than we have in years past. ...More Info

Find Stillness

Things keep changing. The clock ticks, the day unfolds, trees grow, leaves turn brown, hair turns gray, children grow up and leave home, attention skitters from this to that, the cookie is delicious but then it’s all gone, you’re mad about something for awhile and then get over it, consciousness streams on and on and on. Many changes are certainly good. Most people are glad to put middle school ...
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How to Build Confidence That Lasts - What You Need to Know

Why does it seem like some people are just full of confidence and others struggle to have any at all? We all have that one person we know that just radiates confidence. Envying them is easy. It's also easy to make excuses for ourselves and think that they just have confidence naturally and it's not possible for us to have the same. However, that statement is not true. The good news is you can have confidence, but you are going to have to work for it. The truth is anyone ...More Info

5 Podcasts About Women at Work to Change How You Show Up

Professional women and their male advocates are constantly looking for ways to increase gender equality and speak out against sexism at work. There's finally a lot being said on this topic, making it nearly impossible to keep up with the abundance of resources including books, articles, tweets, meet–ups, accelerator programs, and more.When you're impatient to learn and short on time, podcasts are an excellent and sometimes forgotten option. Whether you are listening ...More Info

Three Myths about High Achievers in the Workplace

Staff At Coffee Bar There are plenty of books out there for high achievers—usually prescribing morning routines, how many books you should be reading and other habits connected to success. But Maki Moussavi, author of “ The High Achiever’s Guide: Transform Your Success Mindset and Begin the Quest to Fulfillment, ” has a different take. So I chatted with her about her new book and how emotional intelligence can translate to true success. Maki Moussavi was like a lot of high achievers out there. But no matter what she did, nothing felt ...More Info

Drop The "Shoulds"

Drop the Shoulds
One time I watched a three-year-old at her birthday party. Her friends were there from preschool, and she received lots of presents. The cake came out, she admired the pink frosting rose at its center, and everyone sang. One of the moms cut pieces and without thinking sliced right through the rose – a disaster for this little girl. "I shoulda had the rose!" she yelled. "I shoulda shoulda SHOULDA had the rose!" Nothing could ...
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