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Winter 2002, - Volume 16, Issue 4


Harmonious Holidays
How to Get More Sleep
Understanding Anger
Guard Your Immunity
What is Change?
Winners are Made, Not Born
How to Use Your EAP

Your Employee Assistance Program Presents: Keeping the Holidays Harmonious

The holidays are fast approaching. This can be a time of joy connecting with family and friends and also a time of added stress. Here are some ways to help make the holidays harmonious for everyone...

How to Get More Sleep

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 17 percent of drivers fall asleep at the wheel every year, resulting in some 1,500 deaths and 40,000 injuries. Here's how to get more sleep...

Understanding Anger Cause and Effects

Anger is an emotional cue which reminds us what we like and what we don't like. Although many of us were taught as children to stifle our anger, it is in fact, perfectly natural. Anger can have many causes, but its effects depend on your ability to manage it. Learn to understand anger, the effects of denial and blameplacing, and the positive results that can come from accepting your own anger....

Guard Your Immunity

People speak of boosting immunity as if it were like building muscles. But it's much more complicated. Asking how to boost immunity is about the same as asking how you can stay well. These are some of the factors involved...

What is Change?

Change refers to a transformation or modification in the affairs of your life. Such change can be huge and catastrophic, or it can be small and incremental. It can be completely predictable, as in the case of retirement, or a child starting school; it can be completely unpredictable, as in the case of a house fire or sudden death of a loved one; or it can fall somewhere in between, as in the case of someone who knows there has been trouble at work, but is still surprised when the lay–off notice arrives...

Winners Are Made, Not Born

Experts say almost everyone is dissatisfied with an area of their life. Whether it's health, career, relationships, or spirituality, we want to change but are not sure how to do it...

How to Use Your EAP

When help is needed call the office location most convenient for you. The office coordinator will ask for your name, employer and a brief description of your presenting concern. If an emergency exists you will be given immediate assistance. If your situation is not an emergency, you will be offered telephone assistance and/or in–person sessions to complete an assessment and make a referral for treatment if needed...

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