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Putting the 'Fun' Back Into Fitness
Help Prevent Road Rage
People Enjoy Their Jobs
Sleep is Powerful
Rules of Time Management
How To Use Your EAP

Putting the 'Fun' Back Into Fitness
Top athletes and movie stars have the time and motivation to stay in great shape. The rest of us, though, often find it a challenge to fit fitness into our lives.

”It's a matter of attitude,” says Antonia P. Williams, M.S., a personal trainer and nutritionist in Alexandria, Va. ”If you view exercise as a chore or punishment, that makes it hard for you to do what's necessary. You'll secretly try to avoid it.” ...

Help Prevent Road Rage
Before you get behind the wheel, slip into your 'travel mode'.

According to a national survey, 30 percent of adult drivers complain about other drivers; 17 percent yell at other motorists; 3 percent chase them or prevent them from passing. Another 1 percent to 2 percent had gotten out of their cars to hurt or argue with other rivers, deliberately hit other drivers' cars, or carried a weapon. Experts say these are the symptoms of road rage. It begins with one person, then another person is drawn into it, and that's a problem...

People Really Do Enjoy Their Jobs
Would you be out seeing the world if you didn't have to work?

When the work day gets long or difficult, it's not unusual to dream of faraway places. The dream can make you think you'd be there if it weren't for the daily grind. If your financial responsibilities were at least partly lifted, is touring the world what you would do? Probably not. A job can sometimes be demanding, which is why it's called work, but it has many rewards...

Sleep! A Powerful Component of Life
”Live long and prosper.” That was the Vulcan's farewell words on Star Trek. But you don't need pointy ears to take advantage of that advice.

What you do need is sleep. If you don't get enough, you will tend to have higher blood pressure. High Blood Pressure can lead to heart problems and your overall health could decline. Doctors at the University of Chicago even found that the flu shot worked better for people who get enough sleep...

The Three Rules of Time Management
The first step in achieving better control of your time is to look at how you use time now. Keep a record of your daily activities and the time they take. Then look at each of the activities and ask yourself these questions...

How To Use Your EAP
When help is needed call 1–800–433–2320. The office coordinator will ask for your name, employer and a brief description of your presenting concern. If an emergency exists you will be given immediate assistance. If your situation is not an emergency, you
will be offered telephone assistance and/or in–person sessions to complete an assessment and make a referral for treatment if needed.