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Respect in the Workplace

Recognizing that there can be differences in personal beliefs and political views among teammates, it may be useful to use a few basic practices to promote a respectful workplace:

• Seek to understand, before seeking to be understood.
• Avoid rushing to judgements.
• Show tolerance and respect.
• Lead with empathy. Use compassion and a collective sense of humanity to acknowledge each other's feelings and opinions.
• Practice mindful self–awareness and recognize when your own biases are influencing what you are thinking, feeling, and doing.
• Avoid “us” and “them” thinking.
• Be sensitive to religious, cultural, racial, identity, and social backgrounds of coworkers.
• Avoid slang or jokes that are offensive.

We hope these tips are useful. However, if you are struggling with your interactions with coworkers, consider contacting Canopy for free and confidential support.